Monday, June 29, 2009

New Wheels!

I'm TC. There, you know me.

So I got into riding about 3 years ago...when my teen years bike was stolen, and I bought a new one. Began riding to work and a little around town with friends. Well, I had the thought cross my mind that I wanted to get a new bike. Everyone else seemed to have new toys, I wanted one too. But why get a new bike when mine was perfectly fine for what I did? So I continued to push the idea behind the old canned food in the cupboard.

A week ago Polar bear mentioned my frame may be a little too small....Yay! I had a reason! I pulled the idea from the cupboard and blew it up. But then I realized...what do I look for?

I asked, I looked, and I found. I went to Singletrack where I got my bike three years ago, looked at the one step ups for mine, and test rode an 18" 4500 Trek...and it was nice...Polar bear took me on a nice ride around after I paid for it and I could not beleive the differences in the bike. I've only ridden one kind for a period of time, so I didn't know...Twas awesome.

Yesterday Polar bear and I went to the top of Fisher point (I more hiked...) it was a good trail to really see how different the bike handles. It was more of I move, and the bike is affected rather then the bike moves, and I shift to it. Lighter frames do that apparently...and the fork has MUCH more give then I am used to. Need to do more off road now to get accustomed. :-D

The ride awesome and fun, altho the sun did try to kill me. I don't do much day riding so I wasn't expecting that...I could have had more energy if the sun was lower...oh time I leave earlier. Or just get used to it since I will most likely be riding more :-) I have my own new toy to play with ^-^
Mileage: 18 or so yesterday...

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