Saturday, September 20, 2008

Broken Glass an- Who's that guy?!

Hi, I'm Kev. Jack invited me to post here. Good, that's out of the way...

So.. my plan for the day was to ride all the way down to Sedona from Flagstaff via Old Munds Highway, and then either call Jack for a rescue, or ride back home, depending on how I felt. All was looking good for a fun ride, besides leaving a half hour late. Meh.

So, I make it out to Fort Tuthill, and some idiots in a pickup truck toss a glass bottle out the window. At me. Bottle shatters on the shoulder right in front of me. Somehow, my front wheel defies the laws of flats and avoids all the shards of glass. My rear was not so lucky. I stop and count 5 wet spots where the Slime is leaking out the holes. I spin the wheel, hoping the slime will stop the leaks, but no such luck. I had to stop twice on the way home to pump up the tire, but it did get me home. I'm re-considering my choice to stop running sealant-filled tubes after that, at least on the mountain bike, because it did make a difference. either way though, I was pretty miffed about being cheated out of my ride.

So, a few hours later, after I calmed down and chilled, I dig out the spare tube that's been in my closet for the past year and a half (It has slime in it, go figure.) and ride almost half way to Sedona and back home. Pretty uneventful, save for the cows on the side of the road along the way. I still want to ride down and back soon.

Mileage: 46