Saturday, June 20, 2009

Now With More Helmet Hair!

TC and I seem to be pushing for longer rides lately. Last week it was a ride around Mt Elden, and yesterday we rode most of the way up Snowbowl road. Why would we push ourselves up this continuous climb through narrow mountain curves and grades? For the blast back down, of course!

Both of us handled the climb pretty well, as we made stops now and then to get blood flowing and rest, and at one point, because of how quiet it was, I took out the iPod and hung the headphones on the bars so we could listen to tunes as we rode.

We ended up turning around a few miles away from the top, because the sun had set, and the light was fading fast. I've ridden Snowbowl road many times on motorcycles, but never on a bicycle, and I have to say, it was much more fun pedaling down. I was amazed at how smooth the bike was, though at 40 miles an hour, I was starting to feel the off-balance of the wheels. I made a few stops so TC could catch up to me on the way down, but I didn't have to wait long, as she was booking it down as well.

Towards the bottom, we got passed by a few cars, one of which pulled into the parking lot at the bottom of the road. I pulled in to wait for TC, and the lady inside with all her kids rolled down the window to ask if I was scared at all. Not one bit! She told me when she passed me she had clocked me at 37 miles an hour. Not bad.

Later on, as I was heading home through downtown at midnight, I stopped at a stoplight. A car that had followed me down the hill pulls up next to me and shouted "I had you doing 40!"

I think his speedometer was off. I try to keep it arund 20 miles an hour downtown. I don't want to pass too many cars.
Mileage: 33.6 (yesterday)

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JZ said...

Sure, but how many is too many? I say pass all the cars that you will pass, and let it be. Just beware of those that have something to prove.

You only live once and you may very well only be remembered by how many cars you passed, after you've passed.