Thursday, June 11, 2009

That's a new one. (to me.)

So I decided early on that I wanted to go for a ride today. So, after making a new playlist on the iPod, (titled Speed Mix #9) and filling the Camelbak with Sobe, I took off to Fisher Point on the B-52. All went well, I managed to speed out there pretty quick, and made it up the equestrian bypass trail in good time to the vista at the top overlooking the canyon, where I spent about 45 minutes just admiring the view, and listening to the wind, and reflecting on the ride out and how much easier it was compared to the last time, and looking forward to the ride ahead.

Looking southward from Fisher Point

The beginning of Walnut Canyon.

A random barrel cactus under the rock where I sat to have lunch.

But, alas, as I took off to continue the ride along the rim of Walnut Canyon, disaster struck. I was coasting down the trail away from the vista, and rolled off a small drop. As I stood to pedal to power uphill and over the next set of obstacles, I heard a small pop, and felt (and heard) the rear wheel start rubbing a chainstay. So, I stop, and flip the bike over, thinking I broke the rear wheel axle, which has happened twice before to me. This was quickly ruled out, and I started looking at the frame, and found this:

'05 Giant Boulder SE. R.I.P. B-52.

Strangely enough, I wasn't mad at all, or sad. It was very much a "...huh. How bout that." moment. So, I texted Exegete who volunteered to come rescue me once I got to a road he could pick me up on. So, after jumping on the broken stay enough to allow the rear wheel to turn freely, I set off on the 6 mile walk of shame.

Now to see if the frame is covered under Giant's lifetime guarantee.
Mileage: 8.3 ridden, 6 or so walked.

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