Monday, July 6, 2009

Nailed it!

So, there I was, riding to work, enjoying the warm morning when my rear tire picks up a ~2 inch long nail, and starts slamming it repeatedly against the fender. Needless to say, the tire went flat when I pulled it out. Luckily, I was about a block away from work, so I didn't have far to push the bike.

So, break time rolls around, and I find the hole, and set about patching it. After buffing around the hole, I grab the little tube of rubber cement, and go to squeeze some onto the inner tube. And squeeze... and squeeze, until I realize that there's nothing in there, it all dried out.

Well.... that's... inconvenient. And no one else at work has a patch kit.

So, while I try to make a temporary fix out of a patch and some hot glue, my mind keeps going over how often I've helped other people with flats trailside, or other problems with their bikes, and the one time I need to use my own patches on my own bike, I get let down. Sad thing is, the reason it dried out was because I'd used it to patch tubes. Other people's tubes. The resulting thought from all this being: Karma sucks.

Later on in the afternoon, A co-worker's friend is hanging out and chatting with us on break. I mentioned my misfortune of the nail and dried out patch kit, and he offers to let me use his patch kit to fix my tube. I can't begin to express the relief I felt, because while my rigged temporary patch probably would have worked, I definitely would not have trusted it. I could not stop thanking the man.

I never expect the good deeds I do for people to come back to me. I certainly didn't expect anyone to show up at work purely by chance with a patch kit they were willing to share. I'm glad that one came back to me.

Check your patch kits everyone, and make sure your little tube of rubber cement is still good. I think I'm going to start keeping two of them in my patch kits, just in case.

Mileage: 15

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