Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Shakedown

Every newly built vehicle needs a test run that stresses all the components. A shakedown. Today was the B-52-B's shakedown. Josh and I rode up and over Mt. Elden, to a series of trails I hadn't done yet; The Catwalk, Hobbit's Forest, and Upper Brookbank. All in all, the (new) bike did fairly well. I just have to learn to trust it, and ignore the odd look of the new frame. New bars really helped with making the bike feel more omfortable, and I seem to have figured out the millions of gears I have now.

I did crash once, but I managed not to scratch the frame, which is disappointing. Scratches add character. I scratched myself instead. All in all, a great ride.

Looking eastward from the beginning of the Catwalk over Doney Park.

Friday, TC and I went looking at bikes, since she was looking to upgrade from her current ride. In the end, we ended up going for a "Let's get you acquainted with your new ride." ride around Buffalo Park and McMillian Mesa. I grabbed a few nice pictures along the way.

The Peaks hiding behind a curtain of rain and the Dry Lake Hills. We ended up getting sprinkled on shortly after.

Pretty flowers.. they were all over the place.

TC's shiny new wheels!

Mileage: 30.2

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