Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finally made it to work! Miriad of excuses that I could sling for why I haven't ridden, but really it boils down to my own failure. Hopefully I can keep it up and get back in the flow. For now my legs are killing me, and steps at work are a bitch!

Also, my bike still needs a bath.
Mileage: 7

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week of fail.

So I wont be riding much this week. My back is killing from working my sister's wedding (pictures to come, I hope), so I didn't ride yesterday. Today and tomorrow I'm forced into "dress" clothes. Made of fail. I'm IT, the worse you look the smarter they think you are.
Mileage: 0 =-[

Friday, May 16, 2008

Crystal Creek

In Flagstaff there is a small sandwich company called Crystal Creek. Great little place, awesome sandwiches on really tasty bread. About a ten minute ride from my office, made for a great lunch. But now it's quite hard to get back to it. Bah well.
Mileage: 2.8

Bike pron!

Bike to work week!

I finally got to ride the bicycle to work. Do I get points for a partial? Eh, I didn't think so. There's really no excuse for three of the five days this week, and I only rode one. I'm weak.

Mileage: 7 (round trip)