Thursday, May 21, 2009

Soldier's Trail Loop

Last Friday, TC and I rode the Soldier's Trail Loop out at Fort Tuthill. It's a nice 5 mile loop of roller coastery singletrack, with some pretty good climbs and some light technical sections, and some very pretty views. Today, I went back out there to ride the bridge trail, a tehnical short trail that bisects the main loop. It'sbeen damp with some spring rain showers, so the trails weren't dusty at all, but weren't muddy either. I can't believe I've never ridden those trails before now. Between the spring rains and the views in general, it's a very pretty ride, and that area is my new favorite trail.

Ominous clouds made for a cool and humid ride.

A view down the Bridge Trail

Oak trees off the side of the trail.

Wait... this can't be the bridge this trail was named after... There must be a bigger bridge later on. (It was. There wasn't. What a jyp.)

A happy little stand of oak trees along side the trail.

Someone kindly built a nice little stone bench at the top of the trail for people to rest on.

Bench had a really pretty view too.

Henry, rocking a front rack now.

Last week's pictures: Soldier's Loop Trail, a good ways past the turn off for the Bridge Trail.

Same thing, looking back along the trail.

Mileage: 10.5

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bike to Work Week!

Today marks the beginning of Flagstaff's Bike to Work Week, so FBO, as with every year, set up a bike swap/bazaar downtown in Heritage Square, as well as the bike parade. Lots of people, lots of bikes, and Exegete, TC, and I were there with our jolly rogers, as well as one of my friends from work. Sadly, she was without a flag.

The bike swap in heritage square...

I got a great deal on a frameset... I had to get it home somehow. Henry the Pack Mule lives up to his name!

Staging for the parade in front of the library... there were lots of interesting bikes, like these, which had eccentric rear wheels. You basically jump on the platform to propel them.

Another eccentric bike...

Ape hangers!

Pirate bikes... Yarr. We got plenty of comments on the flags.

The crowd gathers...

And gathers...

And we're off!


Mileage: 10.9

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Picture dump

This post is much less a post, and more of a picture dump from the past week, because I = lazy, or tired, take your pick.

TC and I found some deer behind Buffalo Park on Friday.

Looking over Sandy's Canyon on Sunday. Exegete and I rode along the canyon all the way out to Marshall Lake.

Looking across Sandy's Canyon

The cliff at the bottom of the canyon.

The bikes taking a break along the trail to Marshall Lake.

The Peaks from the Babbitt Ranch.

Looking eastward from a wrong turn on the way to the Grand Canyon.

A well... about the only thing left at the Moqui Stage Station, about 20 miles south of the Grand Canyon.

Mileage: ???