Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Fall Foliage

TC and I decided to head out and ride up to the inner basin of the San Francisco peaks to see how the aspens up there are coming along on their color changing. Interestingly, it looks like the trees on Elden are more colorful right now than on the Peaks, which are just starting to turn for the most part.

Mt. Elden from the gate at the bottom of Waterline Road.

Find the bird!

Almost there!

Wait for it...

Just imagine coming around the bend to this view after miles and miles of endless climbing.

Made it!

And back downhill we go! Once we got back to Schultz Pass road, TC and I decided to split up for the ride down. She took the road, I took the singletrack. We met back up at the bottom to head back into town. After we parted ways to go home, I decided to extend my ride just a little bit. I was at 47 miles for the day, and decided to push past 50, so I rode out to the airport on the way home. One of my goals for this year was to break 40 miles on the mountain bike in one day... I think I made it.

Mileage: 53.3


DH said...

beautiful pictures! more than that:

53 fucking miles? I want to see a video of you cracking a walnut with your calve muscles. I think you've neared the end of your training, padawan.

(seriously, 53 miles. shit.)

Polar bear said...

That's actually my reaction too...

I'll see about the walnut soon.