Thursday, September 17, 2009

Highland Trails

There's a trail that forks south off of the Soldier's Loop Trail, and I've never been on it, until today. The Forest Highland trail runs south from Fort Tuthill to Kachina Village/Forest Highlands area, winding through a couple washes and the Kachina wetlands. The trail is fast and none too technical, with some steep sections and switchbacks thrown in on the hills, and eventually lets out in a residential area. All in all, a great ride.

Looking out across the (dry) Kachina wetlands, with A-1 mountain in the distance.

However, people that let their dogs take a dump in the middle of the trail, and then don't pick it up need to be keelhauled behind an Australian cattle truck for 400 miles across the Outback. There's nothing like cruising along and suddenly getting sprayed with fresh dog doo and rocks covered in doo. Revenge is sweet, though, as I ran into said dog and it's owner. I informed him that he needs to pick up after his dog.

Then I flicked a piece of his dog's poo at him.
Mileage: 18.9


DH said...

I'm curious how someone constantly is biking for 15+ miles at a time over the course of a day and doesn't have a heart attack. Or have their legs fall off from their body, twitching.

I literally jaw-drop every time i see what you guys are biking at a time. I walk up a flight of stairs and my apartment and I feel like I need a nap!

Polar bear said...

I blame the water.

Sad thing is, I feel much better on days that I put 10+ miles in than on days that I ride the bare minimum to get to and from work. (4 miles.)

I must be dependent on two wheels. I get the DT's when I go without...

Exegete said...

I'm with DH on this one. Crazy people!