Saturday, September 19, 2009

Loop trail day!

Thunderheads in the distance Friday evening.

Under rumbly dark skies...
FBO organized a loop trail building day today, and TC and I rode out to volunteer. The loop trail is a 42 (or so) mile loop of trails around Flagstaff. Or rather, it will be, once we're done building it. Not much to really write about, we moved dirt and rocks and pine needles around, had fun, talked, and had pizza, all while listening to the sky talk. It started to sprinkle right at the end, but just enough to cool us all off.

Oh, and on the way out of the private community we had to go in to get to the staging area, I got clocked at 33mph in a 25 by a your-speed-is sign on Henry with a pizza box bungeed to the front rack. *zooom!*

Good times.
Mileage: 8.7

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