Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I think her jersey was red.

So, in my latest trend of insanity, I bought 9 Sobes at Safeway after work, then proceeded on a longish ride, instead of going straight home. Because we all know that riding a 45 pound fixed gear mountain bike with ~20 pounds of Sobe, and all my work stuff = strength training.

I'm not a masochist, I swear.

So, I was on the return leg of my ride home. Just starting, really, and I was pretty burned. I had just crested a hill, and was building speed and momentum to try to carry me up the next one, when I saw a pack of roadies on the other side of the road, coming the opposite way. I was tired, and was feeling rather impish, (Or maybe the word I want is annoying.) and so instead of the typical cylist "wave," (4 fingers raised off the bar) I gave a full on let-go-of-the-bar-and-wave-with-the-entire-left-arm wave, while smiling big and wide. They all started laughing. Then a woman from the group on a Trek Madone peeled off, did a u-turn and proceeded to race me.

And completely dusted me.

What, were you expecting a classic underdog comeback story?
Mileage: 18.2


TC said...

lol....I love you cause you are random ^-^

DH said...

I have a feeling Mrs. Red-Jacket may have been flirting with a certain someone!

Polar bear said...

I wouldn't know if someone was flirting with me even if they wrote the word on a brick and hit me in the head with it.

Couldn't tell you what the girl looked like, but her bike was nice... Looked like full Ultegra, white 'n red finish... but I'm not much for carbon fiber.