Thursday, September 10, 2009

A day of odd experiences.

So my day started off rather oddly.  On my way to work at around 6:30am, I felt a light mist of rain hitting me in the cheeks and chin.  Looking up, there were a few clouds, but they were pretty far off.  Looking around, it was nice and sunny.  "Wonder if there is a sprinkler broken somewhere?"  Can't see it in front of me, it is too fine of mist.  Riding along, it felt like it was raining just for me.  Awesome.
On the ride home, it felt like I was racing the rain.  Had small droplets of rain on the backs of my arms and neck, but nothing on my face.  It rained this way all the way home.  Flagstaff has the oddest weather.
Then there is... The oddest experience of the day.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

It's called, Sporkenstein.  Built from spare parts:

And an old road bike frame:

I think he finally lost it.
Mileage: 7

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