Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chill of an Early Fall

Well, maybe fall's not early, but after the lackluster monsoon season and a somewhat late starting spring/summer, it sure feels early this year. This week, the air had that bite to it, the reminder that old man Winter's on his way back up from the south, yadda yadda.

In short, all this means that, as Fatty pointed out, the best time of the year to ride is here.

So, I set out to do two things today. The first was find, and take pictures of trees just beginning to change colors. The second was to make it to Marshall Lake, atop Anderson Mesa, via the Arizona trail. A good challenge, I think.

The first changing trees I saw, at the bottom of Sandy's Canyon, from a spot I seem to stop at every time I'm on this trail.

An oak just starting to change.

Another one.

As I got closer to Marshal lake, more trees were turning color.

A stand of oaks trying to decide if they want to change colors or not.

Imagine coming around a bend and seeing this fiery tree. I love the different ones.

I made it! (it's a dry, marshy lake, I swear...)

A trail for another day...

Upper Lake Mary from the road dropping off the mesa.

Hey, I was up there about 15 miles and 2 hours ago!

And the parting shot, dropping down into Sandy's Canyon to head home.

The next two weeks are going to rock for riding.

Mileage: 30.6

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