Thursday, March 3, 2011


With a lot to do at work, and a lot on my mind, I'm itching for a good long bike ride. Fortunately, the snow from the last round of storms is melting off fairly quickly, and temps this weekend look to be between 50 and 60 degrees. The ride outlook is promising.

But I decided not to wait, and went on a bit of a ride after work. I rode out Route 66 a few miles to the Naval Observatory, and turned around and rode back. I saw a few other folks on bikes who had a similar idea, it seems.

It's melting fast, but there's still a lot on the ground in places.

It was also the first test of a tailbag I put together, in an effort to make it easier to put too much stuff on the bikes of mine that don't have racks. Amazingly, it worked out well, and the design is good. But, I need to do more with it, mainly figuring out how to pack it and get a routine down with it, so it's easy to cinch down and use. I'll have pictures soon, when I remember to snap a few of it. It's pretty slick for being home made.

Tomorrow: Friday Night Bike Night with TC!
Mileage: 15.8

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