Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to make it snow:

Let's face it, the solutions are obvious when it comes to making the weather do something: Plan for nice weather, and the weather will do the exact opposite that you've planned for.

Example one: A week and a half ago, Josh and I rode up Elden. The trails were mostly dry, as was the road, and fun was had, even if the temperature did drop and the wind kicked up, which made us freeze on the way back down.

The next day... this happened:
Leaving work.

Bi, rocking some snow-aero rims.

Fast forward a week. The sun is out, the snow is melting rapidly, no ice on the roads, and it's actually around freezing in the morning. 65 degrees for a high today. So I did something to guarantee snow.

I took the studded tires off Bi.
I like fat tires and I cannot lie...

With fat, semi-slicks on, I fully plan on waking up to 2 feet of snow tomorrow.

On the studded tires:

You might remember when I re-studded these tires using sheetmetal screws to replace the worn studs. Overall, the experiment was a success. I made it through another winter with no ice related crashes, and had decent traction for the entire season. I did end up trimming them down before I mounted them on the bike, as they would have been unrideable otherwise. However, they did wear down fast, and while I got two seasons out of the original studs, the screws will need to be replaced before next winter:
Front | Rear

The rear is missing about 10 or so studs, and the front is missing two, most of which I lost in the first couple rides. This didn't have an impact on traction. The tire casing still looks to be in good shape, so I think I'll buy another box of the same screws, and re-do both tires the same way for next winter.

Now to watch for snow.
Mileage: 4.5

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