Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Do your mothers know you're out here doing this?"

One of the better comments I've heard from hikers while on a ride.

So Code and I went for a ride in Sedona today.

Tri, ready to go.

Bikes, in Tuck prison.

The ride started out on the Airport Loop trail, which gives some awesome views of Sedona, where every rock has a name. (Find the one named Bob.)

The trail was very rocky and surrounded with cactus.

We were sick of rocky trail, and dropped off the Airport Mesa in search of some fast flowy singletrack. I see some!

Not a terribly long ride, but a hard one, with lots of rocks and climbing. Definitely a fun one, though.
Mileage: 9.1


DH said...

damn, son! I proclaim you king of all bike related things! (and maybe king of all bikes? aren't you up to like 5 different ones at this point?) anyhoo, I am particularly loving the photos with all of the little coin-shaped cactuses -- they look like a family out on a field trip or something. Keep up with the pretty photos (and don't get hurt out there! does your mother know you're out doing this?!)

Polar bear said...

Just 4 so far, though, there are bikes I dream about. I'm glad you like the pictures! The coin shaped cacti are prickly pear cactus, and they aren't little... most were over 5 inches across! The pictures don't do much for conveying size, though.

Fortunately, we didn't need the pliers to pull cactus spines out of our butts, and yes, Mom knows. (Hi Mom!)