Sunday, February 13, 2011

Further Defining Adventure.

Adventure: 2. Huh. I wonder if all the trails are this muddy?

Friday was a (mostly) road ride... why not make Sunday a (mostly) mountain ride?

I'll tell you why. Mud. And snow.

So my plan for the day was to see how far out my usual Skunk/Walnut Canyon/Arizona/Loop Trail route I could go before I was chased back to tarmac by the mud. The answer was not far, as I braved some wet sections and a mostly dry trail into Skunk Canyon, where it promptly turned into a cold soupy mess, buried in spots with snow. Durnit. After trying a couple other options which ended in similar situations, I decided to cut across town straight to the base of Mt. Elden, and ride up Lower Oldham to the Forces of Nature trail, and head east.

Don't let the snow fool you... I was wearing shorts for this ride.

This time, the best bike for this ride. Have you hugged your mountain bike today?

Now, I'm sore, I'm tired, and quite happy with the ride. I'm glad the mud and the snow covering the trails on the west side of town sent me to the relatively dry trails north and east of town, as I've never hit the Forces of Nature trail with relatively fresh legs. It was a blast, and one I'll be adding to the growing list of trails I'd like to ride on more often.

So many trails, so little time.

Mileage: 36

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