Saturday, March 28, 2009


So, Josh and I decided to go for a ride, since the lower Elden trails were supposedly dry. So, the first mountain ride of the season in the local Flagstaff vicinity took us up Lower Oldham Trail to where it meets the Elden Lookout road, which we took to the top, then blasted back down the same route. It was a very fun ride, especially after I decided that I should have worn shorts, and that jeans were a bad idea, and I cut them off at the knees to make shorts.

Overall, I think I did well, much MUCH better than the last venture into Sedona, in part due to the fact I had Sobe in my camelbak, not plain water. (*snugs the lizard*) I think that the Sedona rides have helped me with navigating the techical portions of the trail, as it overall seemed much easier to climb, and I was able to roll up and down parts where I had to walk before. In the end, we did about 2200 feet of climbing in an hour and a half, then came back down it in 30 minutes.

Going... up? Elden Lookout Road.

Made it! Looking northward from Elden at the Cinder Lakes area, with Sunset Crater, Sacred Mountain, and other hills in the area.

Looking east, over Doney Park, with the Painted Desert in the distance.

Made it!

This wasn't exactly a great fork to begin with, but after 4 years of me, I think there's not much life left, especially after the downhill blast off the mountain.
Mileage: 29.9

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