Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring is coming...

...and I don't care what they say about it.

On my way home early this morning, (around 1 AM) I saw five skunks wandering around. Most of them were on NAU campus. One of them was walking down the bike path like he owned it, and refused to move.

As a result, I discovered that the bell I put on Bi is useful for warning skunks out of the way. My rationale is that skunks typically spray you when startled or in self defense. (or so I hope!) So, as soon as I saw a skunk, 40 or 50 feet away, and near where I was going to be, I gave the bell a few rings. Usually the skunks moved a fair distance away and watched me pass. Smart little things.

The skunk waddling down the path, however... He moved off to one side, and kept on trucking along as I rang the bell. I moved as far over as I could away from him and passed him slowly, then sped up in case he changed his mind. No stinkage.

I still say they're cute.
Mileage: 14 (yesterday's and today's.)

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