Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sedona Some More!

So Josh convinced me to go on another ride in Sedona. It was 70 degrees, no clouds, the trail was dry... beautiful riding. We went past Chicken Point and out around Cathedral Rock, as well as we got lost.

Well... not really. Aside from where they built a neighborhood since the map Josh had got published...

Anyways, it was a really fun ride. I conquered a few climbs that I botched before... as well as finished the slickrock climb that I flopped over on right at the top. But, the biggest thing that sticks out in my mind, was the fact that I bonked. In cycling terms, to bonk is to run out of energy. It's when your body runs out of carbohydrates, sugars, and/or whatever else it needs to metabolize into fuel. It also can be used to describe dehydration and a lack of electrolytes, blah blah blah.

Anyways, this has never happened to me, and I've been on longer trail rides than this. But, this was the first time I'd also put plain water in my Camelbak. Usually I fill it with Sobe, but I wanted to try something different. (and cheaper.) I have since decided, never again. The last 10 miles or so of the ride I was dragging myself along the trail, not even fully consious of what I was seeing. It's a wonder I didn't wipe out.

All in all, a fun lesson-filled ride I want to do again with Sobe instead.

A hoodoo along the trail.

This looked cool to me.
Mileage: 26.2

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