Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gone Mudding

I took a different route home today, sort of an exploration to mix things up some. Usually I ride the urban trail out to Fort Tuthill, across the bridge over I-17 to the airport, then through the nearby residential area to home. It's a nice 7.5 mile route.

Today I cut through campus to the urban trail off Lonetree road, rode that out near the turd farm, and looped back around to Lonetree again by Coconino Community College. I think I'll add that to my list of possible round-about ways home, as it was fun, scenic, and had a good variety of types of trails, from paved roads, to maintained gravel, to singletrack.

However... since it snowed on Monday, and most of it thawed, but hasn't quite dried up, there was a lot of mud on parts of the trail. I usually avoid mud as I don't like getting it all over me (Though the bike is fine if it gets dirty.) but this time, since I was on my commuter with full fenders, I decided to bomb through it and test it out. The fenders worked wonderfully, so well in fact that almost no mud got on the bike, let alone me.

So no muddy bike pics for you! (Aww snap!)

Mileage: 9.3

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