Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Commute

So someone asks me "Hey, why don't you write about your rides every day?"

Well... it's boring. No, not the writing, I mean the commute to work and home. Thankfully, most of the time my commutes are pretty uneventful. I say thankfully because that means I didn't get mashed by a car, or blow my knee out sliding across a parking lot. (Happened once.) I guess I could write about the near misses, but there are like 3 of those a day.

On the flip side, I could also say unfortunately too, as sometimes, I just don't see anything or do anything out of the ordinary. Or if I do, it completely slips my mind when I get home. I need to remember to keep my camera with me again.

If I had to pick something to write about todays ride though, I would have to write about how cool Bi looks with a full load of groceries loaded in the panniers and bungeed to the rack. As Jack said: "LIKE A TANK!"
Mileage: 5.5

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