Friday, September 23, 2011

What should one do...?

What should one do when the power goes out at work, but you still want to get things done?

Well, if you're like me, you aim your bike with conveniently placed headlights at your work space.
And then continue working as usual, mocking everyone around you who didn't bring a bike, in case of power outages.

What does one do in preparation for a century, or race, or other big, anticipated for most of the year ride?

I don't know, but it's probably nothing like what you would do if you're like me.

Because, if you're like me, you'll wake up, hop on a bike, and ride to a bike sale. At the bike sale, you might score a sweet, rare Austro-Daimler bicycle frame, that happens to be the perfect size for you.

There be bike porn below:

A little beat up, but still beautiful.

All hand-brazed.

You just don't see this kind of love from big manufacturers anymore.

Also came home with a Shimano 600 wheelset, and chrome Tange fork for the frame.

It is going to be a while before I can build it up and ride it, but when I do, it will be sweet, and worth the wait, I'm sure. I'll be doing my best to build it up with components of the same vintage as the frame, but I doubt it'll be anywhere close to the Campagnolo titanium Super Record that was on it originally.

Ok, last question: What does one do the evening before the above mentioned ride?

Why, ride to the night-before check in and spaghetti dinner, of course!


At least... that's what I would do.

Mileage: 20.6

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