Monday, September 12, 2011

Aww hail.

Phrase of the day: "What timing! What finesse!"

I raced a thunderstorm to work today. I watched lightning all the way in from the house to the shop, and it only started raining on me about 200 yards away from the shop. By the time it started hailing, I was already inside, with my camera at the ready.

It starts. Mostly rain, a little hail.

After a while. Hard to tell, but at this point, it's quarter sized hailstones that are falling.

The end.


Pretty intense little storm. It stripped a lot of leaves and needles from trees around town. I could not have timed my arrival at work any better.

I love it when that happens.

Mileage: 15.2


DH said...

Wow! You didn't get too messed up by the hail, did you? Looking at the second-to-last photo with that street, it almost looks like snow with rain on it, there's so much!

Also, love that last picture of the clouds turning away. so beautiful!

Polar bear said...

Nope, I was inside by the time the hail started coming down. It was an impressive storm.