Monday, September 19, 2011

Avast! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrgh.

Ahoy, me hearties. In celebratin' it bein' Pirate Day, I'll be doin' up this blarg post in one a' tha many forms a' Piratespeak. So gather 'round, down ye' some rum, an' I be tellin' ye dogs a tale a' me ride taday.

I be gettin' ready for tha Taylor House ride, an' in doin' so, that means I be ridin longer distances, so's I be ready. Taday after finishin' me framin' duties, I threw a leg over me trusty skiff, Bi, an' we sailed off east. Soon, we finds us at the rim a' Walnut Canyon, east even a' the park. On purpose this was, as I been tryin' ta find a particular spot here. Me sense a' directions paid off, an' we find tha spot.

Bi, anchored on tha rim.

Lookin' up stream.

This be what I been seekin'.

A bit a' history for ya lot: That dam was built back in the ninteenth century, ta hold back tha Walnut Creek, ta form a reservoir for fillin' up tha steam engines on tha steam engines o' tha' Santa Fe Railroads. It fell inta disuse after a flood.

Lookin' downstream.

On tha way back. Those louds look like they's a' brewin'.

Turns out they was a' brewin' a sunset.

After watchin' tha sun sink below tha horizon, I let the wind in me sails, an' drifted on home. All said an' done, I be callin' this me last trainin' ride a'fore tha century ride this weekend.

Mileage: 31.1 nautical miles

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