Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mars Hills. (Blasted hills.)

Part one: TC and my ride plans were thwarted by mother nature. We had planned on riding up Waterline road on the Peaks, but due to rain, we couldn't leave at an early enough time to ride all the way out.

Part two: Exegete's planned ride up the Tunnel Springs trail up and over Mars hill was thwarted by a flat tire on the Pugsley. He had a 1.7 mile walk back in the rain and hail.

Part three: After TC rode over when most of the storm had passed, and Exegete had patched the tire on the Pugsley, we decided to all ride the Tunnel Springs route. I'd like to mention here that climbing hills sucks. Rolling down the other side, though, is a blast. Until you get to the bottom, and you hear a loud hissing noise coming from the Pugsley's front tire.

Yes, the Pugsley got another flat. And before leaving, Exe had told me if he got a flat, I was going to be fixing it... more importantly, I'd be pumping it up.

15 minutes later, I can say that I have aired up a Pugsley tire with a frame pump.

Yeah, I'm gonna feel that tomorrow.

Left to right: Quicksilver (TC's) Pugsley, B-52, and some greenery. We decided a picture was necessary after successful patching.

Mileage: 11.6

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