Saturday, July 25, 2009

I did it!

The sequel to Polar bears post...

I had subscribed to a bicycling magazine, and had learned of the world of Charity rides and Century's. For quite awhile I have wanted to do something like that, but never thought I would have it in me to even do the minimum. Cruising around online I found that Flagstaff actually held events like that, so I really wanted to do it. I asked Polar bear if he would want to tag along, and today we actually did it. There was a moment in there that I got caught in the emotion of the moment (I'm a girl, what?) and I almost couldn't believe that I actually did it...It reminded me of when he and I made it to the top of the San Fransisco Peaks....that was also a very awesome moment.

I got excited with the start of the ride, hundreds of bikers all around, the almost non stop clacking of shoes into pedals, and the long fast flight down Beaver to Butler. I wanted to try to keep up with everyone and may have over done it a bit, but that first part was just too much fun.

I'm glad I did it, and we have decided to use it as a learning experience for future rides. Like bike shorts. My butt will thank me...And we decided to take a long ride that really challenges us like this once a month. Maybe next year we can do the 65 mile route!

And as for the sunscreen...I used some...and still got really burnt.

Mileage: 48.12

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