Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Too cold?

So I don't think bicycle companies expect people to ride in this kind of weather.  This morning when I left the house, the thermometer outside showed 21 degrees.  I was curious if I would find myself with frostbite on my thighs, but I still went for it.  A few minutes into the ride, I passed under an overpass where I could see my cycle computer, so I glanced down only to realize it was off.  Clicked it back on, rode a few more miles, peeked again:  Off.  Now this thing isn't a slouch, it seems to work very well, but I don't think it works in the cold.  This has happened a few mornings in a row.  Anything under 32 degrees and it gives up on me. 
So this begs the question, do roadies not ride in the cold, or is my computer just slacking?
Mileage: 7

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Polar bear said...

I think your computer's slacking in the cold. Mine's worked at 6 degrees so far.