Friday, February 6, 2009


So yesterday and today was a day of exploration and train watching.Yesterday TC and I rode out along the railroad tracks west of town, and ended up turning around after getting pictures of a pretty sunset. It was a fun ride.

Today, we decided to try to ride out to Bellemont, but we were thwarted by very muddy roads and a lack of Pugsleys for said mud, and people with guns target shooting in ways I didn't trust. (They were shooting roughly parallel to the road I wanted to take, and it didn't look like they were using a proper backstop.) We were both beat by the time we finished the ride anyways, so it was probably a good thing anyways. I blame the mud.

Yesterdays pictures:

Yesterday's sunset. It was weird... 10 seconds after I snapped this, all the colors were gone.


Mileage: 28.9

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