Sunday, September 16, 2012

Seeing Stuff.

I see a lot of stuff on my rides. Take this past weeks worth of riding, for example. I saw a lot of stuff.

One day, I saw a lot of elk.

Another day, I saw a rockin' sunset.

Friday, I felt like I needed to see a different set of handlebars, and a great view.
 Saturday was the annual Pedals vs. Pistons vs. Hiking Boots vs. Horseshoes trail day. The motorcyclists won it again, but a lot of work was done, and fun was had by most. I even got Exegete to come along.
My one picture of the day, Anthony starting off the parade of speeches on a stump chair. 
Today, there was no rain in the forecast, and barely any clouds in the sky, so I took a chance and took Pretty out for a ride.  After starting off across Observatory Mesa and heading up the trail we worked on yesterday, I hooked up with the Arizona Trail and rode on one of the last new local sections that I haven't ridden on.

I got to see some nice views:
Hey there, rock.

Trail to the left, trail to the right.

The new segment goes from the Fort Valley Trail system all the way to Schultz Pass, where it ties back in to Little Elden Trail. Along the way, it branches off, with the branch heading to Schultz Creek Trail, and eventually Flagstaff.

I opted to head for the pass, and made a big loop around Flagstaff.
Just past Schultz Pass on Little Elden.

It's not that rocky...

I spy some subtle leaf changing going on on the mountain.

Pretty decided to be pretty and pick up a flower in the spokes.
And that's a lap around Flagstaff.
Mileage: 48.6

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