Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall riding begins...
Signs of Fall... the little yellow flowers are out in force. 
  You may recall my recent reversion back to a rigid fork for the race last month. Well, I finally got the part ordered, and it arrived on Thursday. Manitou was kind enough to comp the new rebound assembly, despite my own stupidity. All I had to pay was shipping. That made me bringing a case of beer to Absolute when I went to pick up the part an even nicer thought.

By  Thursday evening, the new rebound assembly was installed, the fork was re-assembled, and Tri had his bounce back.
A note to remind me which way to turn it next time.

That's more like it.
 I suddenly want to ride the race course and see how much faster I would have been with suspension.

 Today... I couldn't decide just where to go, so I hopped on Slide, thinking a motorcycle ride would help.
The Peaks are turning colors!
One lap around the peaks later... and I still didn't know. The first weekend of Fall, and I almost didn't turn pedals at all. What a shame.


I ended up hopping on Tri and riding up Elden, and down Sunset and Schultz. While I didn't see much in the way of colorful leaves right where I was riding, there were some in the distance.
Colors up near the top.

Ok, some colorful leaves near me.

False sunset, from the top of Sunset.

The Peaks. 
The Loop Trail. More flowers!

It was a great ride. Not just because Tri's fork worked perfectly with the new part, not just for the scenery, but also for the downhill. Down Sunset, down Schultz, two of my favorites. Icing on the cake was catching up to two guys on full squishybikes rolling down Schultz Creek. It felt good.

Next weekend... the inner basin.
Mileage: 25.5

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