Sunday, September 9, 2012

I can't think of a title.

I swear, sometimes the hardest part about writing a blog post is thinking up a title. So, until I think of one, I'll just write.

It's getting towards the end of summer, now. The monsoons are starting to wind down, (though I still can't take Pretty out without getting rained on.) and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. Consequently I'm strapping lights to my bikes, in case the after work rides keep me out longer than daylight allows for. This has already happened a couple times now.

The added consequence is the sun rising later and later in the morning, opening my twice a year sunrise windows:
Let there be light!
Soon the leaves will start changing colors, and one of the best times of year to own a mountain bike will begin. So many places to ride, so many options to go see some color, so little time. And I'll bet that I'll still get rained out if I ride Pretty.
Snowblind and I made it to the Kachina Wetlands in time to watch the sun hide behind a thundercloud.

Today I ended up riding out south of Kachina Village, on a forest road that runs across Pumphouse Wash. I'd never been in this area, and thought I might see something cool. Turns out I was right, there was a couple nice spots.
Pumphouse Wash, looking southward.

And turn, and picture.
It was a nice chill ride, though the mosquitoes from the standing water in the wash chased me half way home.

Now, where to ride tomorrow?
Mileage: 26.3

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