Saturday, April 21, 2012

Roundamountain: The Peaks.

It has been slightly dismaying, lately, that I haven't been feeling the longer rides after work. It's good in that I enjoy them more, since I don't have to worry about feeling dead the day after at work, but, sometimes I like the feeling of "Oogh, I can hardly move!" because in some messed up way, it's post confirmation to myself that I got up and did something, went somewhere.

With that in mind, I woke up this morning, and could feel how nice a day it was through the wall. Too nice a day not to go on a long ride. After dozing for a bit, I knew exactly where I wanted to go, what bike to take, and what jersey to wear. It's not often that I know all three of those things before breakfast.

With all that in mind, it didn't take long to head out. I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Heading north along the Rio de Flag FUTS. Spring has obviously sprung!

Getting closer, on Hart Prairie Road.

You're up in elevation when you start seeing aspens.

Figures, a borked spoke. STeve, why you got to be so cruel to me?
 Yeah, this was mildly annoying. This is the only wheel I've ever broken spokes on, in a total of 22 years, counting up all my bikes. The spoke, a trailing spoke, broke at the nipple, exactly like the other two that broke. The only difference is that this one was on the drive side. What's more, this is a wheel I built myself, and was also Ok'd by Absolute, as a warranty item. After discussing it with Jack after I got home, we both agreed that it's likely an issue with the rim. So, I think it's time to rebuild the wheel again, this time with new spokes AND a new, better quality rim.

However... I didn't let this stop my fun:
This is why I carry spare spokes!

Half an hour later, new spoke installed, with a duck tape flag.
 With that, my ride resumed, with full confidence and fun!
The North Slope!

White Horse Hills, with the Vermilion Cliffs beyond.

If I went Up the peaks, this would probably be one of those clear days that lets you see the Grand Canyon.

Goin' down...

The Painted Desert

Indian Paintbrush is coming out early this year.

Good thing I'm on a cross bike.

One of the many runoffs from the Schultz Fire. With no vegetation on the mountain to hold the dirt in place, rain literally carves down to, and through bedrock.

Looking out over Timberline, Fernwood, and Doney Park.

Getting into the Schultz Fire burn area.

They cut back the burned trees from the road, to lessen the risk of them falling across the road, or on someone.

More runoff.

All the discolored dirt and rock is part of the mountain, washed downstream.

I so miss riding this road...

At this sign. the majority of the climbing is behind me. It's all downhill from here! This was also where I ran out of water.

Now THAT hit the spot. (Don't judge me, I got water, too.)
With an energy boost from the soda, and with a bottle of cold water, I powered on home. Not a bad ride, especially since I spent almost 30 miles with the rear hub locked in to fixed gear mode, so I wouldn't have to ride my brakes on the downhills to keep my speed under control. Had I not done that, I probably would have finished the ride faster, and not be as tired and thirsty, but at the risk of pinch flats and crashes. STeve is not a Pugsley, after all.

Now, as I sit here typing... I'm feeling it a little. And it feels good.
Mileage: 55.5

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