Friday, April 20, 2012

Around, up and down.

I think I need to make this a little easier on myself, and just post once a week, instead of trying to post after every good ride, especially since most of my rides have been after work, and by the time I get home, it's time to hop in the shower, eat dinner, then go to bet. Not a whole lot of time to review pictures, upload a GPS track, and write a blog post. Besides, we all like photo dumps, yeah?

This past weekend, Exe and I made the harrowing journey through Phoenix to Tucson to visit with family. I ended up doing more visiting than riding, which is fine in my book, especially since we went down there with two bikes, and came back with one, having given Exe's nephew Cody a bike. Between Exe and his dad, and my pile o' parts, we built up Tri's old frame for him. Rigid single speed set up with 34x17 gearing, hand built wheels built by yours truly, and a full bike first-aid kit, among other things. Good stuff.

Sadly, the only picture from the entire weekend, aside from Su playing with TC's pups, was this just north of Phoenix:
I got nothing.
 If Exe hadn't passed them so fast, I'd have a great picture of the most insane way to transport a mattress ever. Imagine a minivan, both sliding doors fully open, with straps running through them to hold down the back of the mattress. Now picture the driver with his left arm out the window, holding down the corner of the mattress over his head. Now get all this moving at about 70 miles an hour on the interstate.

Ahh, Arizona.

I'll give you the reason why I love Arizona though... Apparently, while we were down in Tucson, it snowed in Flagstaff.

Yeah. Sunday morning, there was a foot of snow on the ground. And Sunday night, when Exe and I came back home, it was mostly gone.

Fast forward to Tuesday, when I rode around Mt. Elden after work:
STeve at Schultz Pass.

There's the snow...
 The plan was to ride up Schultz Pass Road until it became impassable due to snow. I ended up making it all the way to Highway 89 on the eastern side of the mountain, and rode home, thusly riding around a mountain. My next goal should be to ride around the San Francisco Peaks... I haven't done that, yet.

Now, Thursday, I decided a mountain ride was in order, so I hopped on Snowblind after work and rode up Mt. Elden. I knew this was going to be a good idea, when halfway up the mountain I started thinking that this wasn't such a good idea.

It's funny how that works.
It's rather odd, stopping here and not waiting for someone.

The Peaks, from most of the way up Lookout Road.

I like this spot.

Doney Park. The cinder cone close to center is Sunset Crater.

South-ish, overlooking town.

The Peaks from Elden.

The top of Sunset Trail.

I found some snow! Probably the last snow under Snowblind's tires until next winter. *sniff*
 I rode down Sunset to the first turnoff back to the road, and quickly blazed back down to the Lower Oldham Trailhead.
Last bit of sunlight on the mountain from the trailhead.
 The roll down Lower Oldham is always a blast. It's not my favorite trail, but it's always fun, and always makes me remember my first ever actual mountain bike ride, which was on that trail.

Made it to Buffalo Park in time for the sunset!
From there, it was a quick ride through town to home.

I have no idea what rides await me this weekend, but we'll see. I think it's safe to put the summer tires on Bi, now, though.

Mileage: about 15.

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DH said...

*laughs* I swear to God you're the only person I know who actively looks forward to biking around in half a foot of snow. Also, way digging the jack ass in picture. Is that an actual business of some kind or just a grafittied abandonment? Either way, -10 intellect, +10 endurance.