Monday, January 2, 2012

Friday Bike Ride: San Tan Valley

I miss going on Friday night bike rides. My Fridays have turned into date night with Alex and our neighbors when we are all up for it. It's always a ton of fun, but I miss my bike buddy. Riding by myself doesn't have the same spark as our giggly nights listening to music on crappy speakers bungied to Kev's bikes. Or racing each other and me basking in my win only when Kev is super tired. Yay for me! And just the relaxation of it all.

But! I thought it would be super fun to have a long distance Friday Bike Day. We wouldn't be riding at the same time, but it would be in the spirit of things. Seems like a nice idea for the last Friday of the year.

I decided to pop out of bed and head to San Tan Regional Park, hoping to ride the trails up in elevation and catch the sunrise from a great view point. My legs have other ideas. Since I have not been riding regularly at all the five miles with a slight uphill kinda got to me and I didn't have enough time to get in and ride to where I wanted to be for the sun rise.

So I waited at the park entrance for a few minutes while the sun peaked out from behind a hill. It was beautiful as always, and I just spent the time thinking about past rides. And future rides as well, thinking about how I want to ride to the park entrance more often and build myself up, and eventually ride in the park with all it's hilly trails and beautiful landscape.

Once the sun came up and blinded me, I cruised on home just in time for work to begin. It was a nice ride.

I wanted to see the view from the plane...
Mileage: about 10...

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