Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bike to Work Week!

And I'm going to miss most of it! *cry*

Part of the reason I've been working so hard is so I can take this coming week off. Well, most of it.

This involved spending this past Saturday at the shop, after which I decided that a mountain ride was in order. Josh agreed, and we set out after I got off work. Nothing insane, just a fun mountain ride to relax on.
We found a flowing spring, Orion Spring.

Schultz Creek, and Schultz Creek Trail.


Today was the beginning of Bike to Work Week, which kicked off at Heritage Square with a bike swap and bike parade. It's always fun, and I missed it last year. You always see some cool bikes, meet cool and fun people, and sometimes you can score good deals on bike stuff. I came away with stickers and some patch kits.

We also saw the biggest cruiser ever:
Exe with the Monster Cruiser.

After some confusion (lack of announcements) as to where and exactly when the parade started, we caught up with the group.

It's Henry's friend! I ended up pacing him, for the rare double Dummy spectacle. Wish I had pictures of it.

Afterwards, we swung by Absolute for some stuff, then went home. I ended up giving some love to the rest of my bikes, as they were all in need of some attention. Clean chains for Bi and Tri, as well as I'm giving Ergon grips a try on Tri, who also got a better stem.

Nothing says obsession like oiling each individual roller on the chain at a time.

Also at Absolute, I found out about some trails to try out when I get back. Back from where?

Backpacking in Zion! Should be fun.

At least my bikes will all be ready to ride when I get back.

Ride your bikes to work this week!
Mileage: 9.1


DH said...

Looks like you made it out of that parade with some sweet gear giveaways~ (and the weather was nice which is always a plus!) I dont know what a cruiser is, but assuming you're talking about the bike (maybe?) yes, that bike probably comes up to my shoulders.

heres to hoping you had a fun bike (but not maybe as much as you wanted?) to work week!

Polar bear said...

That one is certainly a cruiser, and a big one, at that.

the little bit of Bike to Work Week I got to ride in was uneventful, but I was out of town for most of it. I missed the weather that everyone else got to ride in.