Friday, May 6, 2011

After Work Riding

Often, I describe my rides as "Self Inflicted Torture." In reality, it's a release for me, a chance to get lost, then find myself... or something. I think I really just enjoy riding my bikes around. I enjoy too many aspects of it to list, and the pain from pushing myself to get better at it is something I just put to the back of my mind. The fact that I'm slowly getting a little stronger, faster, and maybe even a little more skilled is just an added side bonus.

I have decided that going on longer rides after work are making longer work weeks easier to handle.

Wednesday, I met up with TC after work, and we rode out to Fisher Point. She had her mountain bike, while I took STeve, the cross bike with skinny tires. Happily, I didn't bite any rocks, therefore I didn't get any flats. TC had the satisfaction of being faster than me on the downhills.

The bottom of Fisher Point, as the sun began setting.


That night, I decided I wanted some real singletrack riding, on some real singletrack trail. (Not to say that the trail out to Fisher Point isn't real, but it is short and tame, fun as it is.) So, I got Tri ready for an outing. I wound up heading up Dog Food to Pipeline, which I took across to Secret and the Arizona Trail, then hooked up with Schultz Creek back towards town, where I met up with family for dinner.

I pushed myself on this ride, as I really wanted to make it to Schultz Pass, for the full blast downhill, but I also really wanted to hang out with everyone at dinner. When faced with such a decision, I chose both, and pedaled harder. I left work at 4:30, was at the Schultz parking lot at 5:00, and Schultz Pass at 6:00, which was when everyone was meeting for dinner. By 6:50, I was sitting at the table with everyone, too. I think I made good time.

Today, I decided to take it easy, and took Slide up Freidlein Prairie Road. It was beautiful, and it'll only get better as the aspens get their leaves.

Obstacle! I don't think I can get Slide to hop over this one...

Riding Slide like this is really helping me figure out just what I want to do with Slide, how to set the bike up best for what I do with it. The list of changes and adjustments grows with each ride...

Good riding.
Mileage: Didn't keep track, but it was on a moto... does it count?

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