Sunday, March 28, 2010

Riding on the Red Rocks

The snow is still melting off the trails in Flag, so today was another ride down in Sedona with Josh. We started out off of Schnebly Hill Road and wove on and off the trail up to a trail called "Cow Pies." We tried to ride up and over some rock formations, but ran out of time due to the amount of hike-a-biking we had to do. But the view overlooking Lower Oak Creek Canyon over Sedona when we finally made it up to one of the saddles was worth it.

From the road.

Only a couple miles into the ride and the Josh monkey already has the best helmet hair I've ever seen.

Rocks. This is where we started wondering where the trail went.

The view from the top of the trail looking over 89A north of Sedona.

I think the riding down there has helped take care of the mountain biking urge for now. Bring on the snow.
Mileage: 8.8, plus about a mile walked.

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