Friday, August 28, 2009

So, about that epic ride.

So, a couple weeks ago I alluded to the fact that I had defined my "Epic Ride." Today I got the chance to complete my epic ride as planned, and even go further than I planned on. The recipe for my epic ride is simple: It's got to be pretty, it's got to be fun, and it's got to push me to the limits of my endurance/skill/sanity. Today's ride did that, mostly.

I started out along the Flagstaff Loop Trail, and wound up in Skunk Canyon. The sudden change of scenery, from younger pines and grass to old growth trees and ferns made me think I'd made a wrong turn, and I wound up at the bottom of Walnut Canyon. I took some pictures, realized where I was, and hiked/rode through and onward to Fisher Point, and the Arizona Trail.

Skunk Canyon ahead...

...and behind.

I managed to roll along the Arizona Trail pretty quickly, and was coherent enough by the time I got to the toughest part of the trail to take a picture of it:
Yes, that's the trail. and I have to go up that. (I carried the bike up it.)

Almost out to the Cosnino underpasses, I had to take a picture of the mountains.

Made it!

The field of sunflowers that the trail cuts through... my allergies kicked in overdrive from this.

This ride wasn't my longest mountain ride, but it was one of the more intense ones, as far as the variety of terrain. I think I rode on everything but snow, ice and mud. Lots of climbing, and descending, and in the end, I felt like I could keep going.It was one of those rides where everything seemed to go right. I'll attribute that to the ride strategy I came up with. Drink Sobe while riding, and take a 15 minute break under a friendly looking tree every hour or so. While stopped, drink plain water, and eat cheez-its. I never felt like I was out of energy for the entire ride.

It was a good ride.
Mileage: 36.1

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