Monday, August 24, 2009

Catch-up post. Or is it ketchup?

So yeah. Post dealing with a couple of the bigger rides this weekend... Saturday evening Josh and I went 'round Soldier's loop a couple times, since he had never ridden he loop or the bridge trail. I think he liked it, though it was rather odd leading, since for once I knew the trail and he didn't. But I had fun.And we came across a guardian pine cone in the middle of the road at a trail crossing, warning the cars of crossing bicycles, under penalty of flat tires.

A very regal pine cone, I think.

Then Sunday, we all went on a nice ride around the heart of Arizona. The plan originally was to go to Prescott to get ammo boxes from a gun store, but I ruined it before we left when I asked if they were open on Sunday. Exegete plotted up a nice loop that took us to Clint's Well, through Camp Verde and Cottonwood to Jerome, where we had dinner at The Haunted Hamburger. Then we returned home via Sedona.
Stretching our legs at Clint's Well. (Photo credit: Josh Zamor)

The post office at Clint's Well. (Photo credit: Josh Zamor)

Looking over the Verde Valley from the Haunted Hamburger. (Photo credit: Josh Zamor)

Same thing. (Photo credit: Josh Zamor)

Waiting for dinner. (Photo credit: Josh Zamor)

A while ago, Exegete and I talked about how hilarious it would be to have a loud motorcycle horn on a bicycle, because sometimes, a bell is too... tame, especially when there's someone walking in the bike lane, and they can't hear you for whatever reason. On Sunday, while we were in Cottonwood, we swung by Exe's parent's house, and I mentioned this to his dad, who gave me such a horn. That night, I mounted it on Bi.

I foresee many people being scared off the bike paths with this setup.

Mileage: 8.5


DH said...

The plan originally was to go to Prescott to get ammo boxes from a gun store

!!! *backs away slowly*

Polar bear said...

Don't worry, we only wanted empty ones. Making hard cases for motorcycles with them.

DH said...

Thank God!! For a second I was like "he took a break from WOW to join the NRA! I MUST BREAK HIM!" Totally unrelated I started thumbnails for a Zin/Puo picture and almost had a cute annurism. im really excited to see how it turns out, though i have no idea how im going to eventually sent it. :( its in an odd format.