Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ride Music.

Listening to music on my rides is something I rather enjoy.  I had been using my iPhone for music for quite a while, but now that I'm riding without a backpack this has become a little unruly.  I tried putting the iPhone in my pocket, but the headphones cables were too short.  I pondered getting an armband for it, but that could be very bad if I crash.
Then, Polar Bear, pointed me over to a blog post on FatCyclist about the Arriva headphones that Fatty uses.  How awesome are those!?  But, alas, they don't sell them in stores.  With my big head, I tend not to buy hats, helmets, and other head-related products, without trying them on first.  So I got to thinking, why not just attach an iPod Shuffle to my helmet (somehow) and use the already awesome headphones that Apple includes with the iPods?

The result:
Super easy to use, adds almost no weight, is still detachable for non-helmet uses, and can easily be controlled on the bike.  While not nearly as elegant as Polar Bear's solution (hopefully posted later), I like it.
My only concern is winter riding.  I don't know how well this little thing will handle the snow and ice that hits me in the back of the head in the winter.

Mileage:~45 (making up for missed posts)

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