Sunday, October 19, 2008

Walnut Canyon

There are some days when you just have to say "You know what, I'm gonna do *insert action here*." and throw it in the face of everything you have to do but don't want to do. Because let's face it. Everything you need to do isn't going to go anywhere. That, and I wanted to see what was left of the trees changing colors.

So I went on a ride this afternoon. It started as a run to Fisher Point.. but when I got there, I felt like I was just warming up.. so I went up an "equestrian bypass" which is a trail that goes up to the canyon rim over Fisher Point, and then runs along the rim of Walnut Canyon for something like 6 miles. I'd never been on that trail, and it was lots of fun. I even rescued a couple horses that untied themselves while their owners were off hiking.

I would have kept on going when the trail crossed a forest road that lead back into town, but I had only put two bottles of Sobe in the Camelbak, and I was running low at that point. Maybe next weekend.

Mileage: 26.4 miles

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