Saturday, October 18, 2008

Deer and Rollers

Another post about yesterday, but it has today in it too!

Yesterday I met up with TC when she got off work, and we rode around Buffalo Park since she had never been there, and I'd never actually ridden on the trail there. Fairly uneventful, it was a nice leisurely ride on the two mile loop.

But, on the way back to her apartment, we were riding on the urban trail across McMillan Mesa, and we spotted some deer. We counted six total, three of which were fawns. I managed to get a couple pictures with my camera before it got too dark. My camera does not do so well with low light.

And today, TC brought over a set of bicycle rollers for me to use, since they're too loud for her to use in her apartment. They're interesting for sure, but not too bad. Balance is tricky. It'll be a good way for me to keep doing long rides when the weather keeps me inside.

Mileage: ~30 miles. I wasn't paying attention.

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