Sunday, November 18, 2012

What the... where've you been?!

 Man... has it really been since Pines to the Mines?

It's even worse than I thought.

So... obviously, I have not been posting much, because... well... I haven't been riding too terribly much. No insane 50+ weekend rides, nothing like that. I've been riding, but not with the vigor that has been seen from me over the past year. Folks at Pines to the Mines kept saying that that ride was a great season closer, but I didn't take them seriously. Or maybe I did subconsciously.

I've been in a bit of a riding lull. A slump. A funk, or if we want to be fancy, funque.

Maybe part of it was just coming off of Pines, and claiming I was "recovering" from that. After all, it was a hard ride, both physically, and mentally. But, that excuse only lasted a week.

I'm sure that another part of it is the fact that we've had our cold snap, and it's harder to get motivated to get out and ride when it's 45 degrees with the wind blowing.

Maybe another part of it is that I've got the project itch again, as I seem to get around this time of year, and the time I allocated to riding bikes get moved to dinking in the garage, working on bikes, working with metal, working with wood. Fabricating. Inventing.

Riding the bike works the body, Working in the garage exercises the mind.

Another reason for the lack of riding, the mental aspect of dealing with cars. I just don't feel like doing it. At times, it really is a fight, and with the first snow of the season having fallen, the trails have turned to mud, which I don't like riding in. Harmful to the trails, hard on the bike, and just messy.

That leaves road, dirt roads, and the FUTS, which takes roads to get to. Which means cars.


I have still been riding. Bi's been getting plenty of miles, and with the darkness after work, I've been making it a point to put the "handlebar mounted personal sun" I call a headlight to use.

Interestingly... with less riding, comes a better quality of riding to me. Slowly, as I deprive myself of the bike, I find myself longing for it more. This is a good thing.

But, as I said, I've been riding.
Along the Loop Trail, before the cold snap.

The mountains, from the Kachina Wetlands.


Late fall colors at Fort Tuthill.

30 degrees, windy and wet outside? Time for the rollers.

Rollers give a different view while riding. (Bonus points if you can name the movie.)
In other news... Friday was the annual Absolute Bikes Team party. I rode there, and got one of my higher compliments in doing so. 6'8" Nate pointed at me, saying "You're the man! You're riding everywhere!" Last year not many people knew me, and I felt like an outsider, hanging out with them. This year, I knew a few more people, and more knew me, which was a nice feeling. Food was eaten, breezes were shot, announcements were made, and I signed up again.

Volunteer bonuses were also handed out, and I rode off to the bike shop the next day and spent mine. Henry gets his new front wheel soon!

Will I ride today? I'm not sure. Tomorrow? Of course. And you know what? It will be glorious.
Mileage: 0 so far.

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