Sunday, November 18, 2012

I tell a lie.

I ended up going on a ride today after all, and raided the cull lumber box at HomeCo. Loading down a Henry is always fun, as is explaining to the cashier that I have a really cool bike.
"I'm Henry!"
Mileage: about 8 or so.


DH said...

Well, it's still not like you've just been not doing anything.for not doing any riding (which is still more than I ride my own bike in a given year, let alone a day!!) you've been keeping up with all sorts of stuff.

BTW, every time I hear about Henry I always get the song "I'm Henry the Eigth, I am" stuck in my head. And there is goes again.

DH said...

totally separate from your post: I saw this and thought of you. (Not for the reason it's showing, but,.. y'know. bikes.)

Polar bear said...

That picture... is awesome.

I feel like that sometimes.