Monday, March 19, 2012

Snow Bikin'

What to do when given the day off from work on account of two feet of snow?

Go for a ride!

Though, by the time I cleared the driveway, (Again) had lunch, and cut apart one of Jack's Pugsley's old tires to use as a downtube slushguard on my Pugsley, got dressed up in my wintery best, and actually got out on a ride, the roads were pretty dry and clear.
Winter's last hurrah, on the day before Spring.
 I headed out to the airport, then came back, winding through neighborhood streets. Few, if any of the paths were cleared, and even Mighty Pugsleys can't float through 2 feet of fresh snow, no matter how little air is in the tires. It was largely a road ride on fat rumbly tires, with splashes through puddles and jumps off chunks of snow and ice to console me.
I was afraid this was the closest to snow-biking that Snowblind and I were going to get today.
 But, off one street, I came across a trail between two properties (that I'd been on before, which was why I went that way to begin with) That had sled tracks down the hill, and a fairly packed trail at the bottom, leading off to the woods. Score! I followed it for a quarter mile or so, until it started fading out, and getting too hard to keep riding on. So I turned around, took a picture, and headed back to the pavement.
Snowblind, enjoying a winter kickstand alongside some snowy singletrack.
It was amazing. As long as I kept the tires on the packed snow from the hikers, I had nearly perfect traction, even climbing up the hill back to the street. Had I let more air out of the tires, I probably would have done better, but as it was, it did fine. 4 inch tires are fun.

Almost home.
I need to enjoy the snow while it lasts... it'll probably be gone by this weekend.
Mileage: 10 or so.

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