Friday, March 16, 2012

Man, This Weather is Trippy.

 It's supposed to snow tomorrow. That's what they say, anyways. As much as I want it to, because we need the moisture, I have my doubts, as evidenced by my view out the bay door from the shipping table at work:
Blue skies, smiling at me...
60odd degrees, light winds, chirping birds, and we're expecting a blizzard. I spent most of the day boxing up frames to send out,  lamenting about having to work inside instead of being out to enjoy the great weather, and riding on the nearly dry trails before the snow hits.

I may have also yelled at the chirping birds, and called them a bunch of little liars, for fooling me into believing Spring was here.

Moving on...

I got off work, and decided to enjoy the remaining daylight. I hooked up with the FUTS nearby the shop, rode up the brutal, torturous climb to the top of Observatory Mesa, where I hooked up with the Loop Trail.
Bi, at a corner TC, Josh, and I helped build on our very first trail day. Our work is still holding up!

I don't post enough pictures of my trusty, muddy, commuter, Bi.

Full Speed Ahead!
The Loop Trail eventually hooks back in to the FUTS in Cheshire, just north of town. From there it follows the Rio de Flag flow channel right into downtown.
Looking northward at the Peaks from the Rio De Flag FUTS.
From there it was a chill relaxed ride back home through NAU as the sun set.

I think I made good use of the time I had. Bring on that snow.
Mileage: 15 or so?


DH said...

#1, I still don't get flagstaff weather. I always thought teh midwest was king for going from 80'F to 20'F in a 12 hour period, but y'all are kicking our asses.

#2, the fat wheels on your heavy-duty bike fill me with joy.

#3, the clouds in the last picture look sort of like UFOs and I like that a lot. it must be so friggin' awesome to just be anywhere in the area and be like "MOUNTAINS! EVERYWHERE, MOUNTAINS!"

Polar bear said...

Flagstaff sits at the border of several different climate zones, so we tend to get affected by all of them.It's one of the few places where you can go from a desert to snow and tundra in less than a day.