Thursday, October 13, 2011

Engines, pedals, trees and trains.

It's a pretty time of year to ride. It's not too warm, yet contrary to last week's picture, it's not too cold... yet. I've been trying to make time to go see the colors, but work seems to have other plans for me. Hopefully I'll get some miles in this weekend, as they just opened the road to Lockett Meadow for the first time since the Schultz fire. Hopefully I'm not too late for the aspens in the meadow and the Inner Basin.

All is not lost though, as I still have my after-work rides, the thing that gets me through the day. Tuesday, I took Slide out Friedlein Prairie Road... where, amazingly, the aspens are still green.

Today, I took a nice leisurely ride up the Rio de Flag Urban Trail to Cheshire, and hooked up with a freshly built segment of the Loop Trail on Observatory Mesa. The Loop trail now runs from Cheshire all the way across the Mesa to the Tunnel Springs Urban Trail, which makes me happy, because I got to help close the last gap last weekend.

Aspens outside the shop at work. I love how the progression is visible.


I have to work tomorrow, (Yay, overtime.) I think I'll clean the mud off Tri and take him on an after work roll.
Mileage: 16.3

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