Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunrise Windows

I get to see sunrises on my way to work for two 3 week windows a year... once in spring, once in fall. Before that, I get to work before the colors appear, and after, the sun is up. But, for three weeks, I get to watch the sun rise. Right now is the time for my spring sunrises.

Hard to believe it's supposed to rain and snow for the rest of the week... the trails were dry, too.

However, I was in for a real treat on the way home. I had read about a B-17 (One of my favorite planes making a visit, but wasn't sure if I'd get a chance to see it. So I swung by the airport:
Aluminum Overcast, a fully restored B-17G, one of the very few still flying.

Mileage: 12.3


DH said...

Totally unrelated: I saw this on the MAKE blog and thought of you! (Maybe not so much the maintenance part but the part where they put the LED config into the wheel spokes. :3)

Polar bear said...

Oops, I missed your comment >.<

I need to read MAKE more, they have so much cool stuff. I've seen the spoke LED's, those are neat. There's a guy around town here that I see now and then with those flashing a fireball in his wheels.